Russian plastic surgeon offers women chance to support war with 'patriotic breast implants'

Yevgeny Dobreykin is promoting breast implants for "real patriots"


A Russian plastic surgeon is offering women the chance to support the war against Ukraine with "patriotic breast implants."

Moscow-based plastic surgeon Yevgeny Dobreykin is promoting breast implants for "real patriots" - and the implants are pretty unique.

Called "Rosgurd," these breast implants are filled with silicone, but the coating includes two different style options - "The Russian Tricolour" and the "Army Cammoflouge."

So the "real patriots" have the option to choose between the two versions that will be "close to their hearts. Literally and figuratively."

Essentially, this is for people who love their mother country and want to do something more than a sticker, tattoo or other token.

As stated by Dobreykin, the coating on the implants is completely safe and passed the tests required for use.

Right now, they are samples. However, once people start buying them and appreciate the idea of these implants, they will be available on a larger scale.

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When people caught wind of the implants, they thought that it was a joke at first. Others were utterly flabbergasted.

One social media user wrote: "For real? Maybe I don't understand, but you can't actually see the surface of the implant once it's implanted, right? It's inside your body. Does it show through the skin or something?"

"Well, this is not what I was expecting to come across on my timeline. Although, if Putin's chest is looking a bit bigger, I'll await the speculation that ties this to any other "medical procedures" he's been speculated to have had," another added.

A third wrote:" I'm actually crying. It's just as hilarious the second time. This might just be my favourite thing on the internet right now."

Someone else quipped: "Please, no. Tell me that is not true and it's only video from Onion…"

Interesting stuff, indeed.

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