Salt Bae’s London restaurant ranks terribly on Tripadvisor after slew of negative reviews

Salt Bae’s London restaurant ranks terribly on Tripadvisor after slew of negative reviews

In September, celebrity chef Salt Bae famously opened the doors to his Knightsbridge restaurant, Nusr-Et Steakhouse. But, despite the fanfare, it seems as though the establishment hasn’t left quite the impression it wanted.

Social media users had raged at the extortionate prices with steaks costing hundreds of pounds and a can of Red Bull setting customers back £11.

Now the London restaurant has ranked 20,491st out of the 23,811 on Tripadvisor (Salt Bae – real name Nusret Gökçe – has left the country, which may or may not be connected).

Out of the 88 reviews, a mere 16 branded Nusr-Et “excellent”, while others did not hold back their candidly honest “terrible” views.

In a review titled “The cow was still alive”, one diner ripped into the upmarket food joint, saying, “awful atmosphere, the place smells of the body odor of spoilt IG influencers.”

They added that the restaurant represents “the dark hole in which society has become.”

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For the party of 8, the total bill came to £12,000. “That’s a year of groceries for a family of 8,” the review said.

To conclude, they added “Salt bae is a clown, and so are you” – aimed at those who visit the restaurant after reading the horrendous reviews.

Another said they “ended up going for a £5 kebab after a £300 bill”.

“This place is the biggest joke in London,” they added.

One furious diner slammed the restaurant as “the worst places” they had ever eaten, adding that “he should close this place before it ruined his reputation.”

Another riled up reviewer fired shots at the celebrity chef himself after slamming the food as “poor” and “disappointing.”

The incredibly harsh review read: “I find the man vulgar, embarrassing and a bit of a gimmick... who wants arm hair in their seasoning? Weird. Silly glasses and a big ego for a little pathetic man.”


Indy100 has reached out to Nusr-Et London for comment.

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