This sassy cheerleader meme has gone viral for the most relatable reasons

You may or may not have seen, if you are an avid Twitter user, the sassy cheerleader meme.

It lit up January Twitter:

Frankly, as this video with 40 million views shows, it was everywhere:

The cheerleader in question, asBuzzFeed reported, is 13-year-old Ryan Cummings, an eighth-grader from North Carolina.

The gif comes from a performance in the Senior Elite SOH national competition at the Charlotte Convention Center, on the weekend of 13 January.

She told BuzzFeed:

When I made that face, I was just thinking, I really want my team to kill it.

And frankly the overuse of the gif, while initially iconic...

...led to some complaints.

Remember people: Memes are ephemeral in nature and no one will remember your Twitter achievements.

HT BuzzFeed

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