You may or may not have seen, if you are an avid Twitter user, the sassy cheerleader meme.

It lit up January Twitter:

Frankly, as this video with 40 million views shows, it was everywhere:

The cheerleader in question, asBuzzFeed reported, is 13-year-old Ryan Cummings, an eighth-grader from North Carolina.

The gif comes from a performance in the Senior Elite SOH national competition at the Charlotte Convention Center, on the weekend of 13 January.

She told BuzzFeed:

When I made that face, I was just thinking, I really want my team to kill it.

And frankly the overuse of the gif, while initially iconic...

...led to some complaints.

Remember people: Memes are ephemeral in nature and no one will remember your Twitter achievements.

HT BuzzFeed

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