Shoppers left divided by these leggings that expose part of your bottom

Shoppers left divided by these leggings that expose part of your bottom
Father Marge/TikTok/Savage X Fenty

Shoppers have been left confused by a pair of leggings that are reportedly on sale in the US fitness and lifestyle clothing chain Fabletics that inexplicably expose part of a woman’s bottom.

The leggings, which come from Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty range are a lilac colour but also come in black and are better known as ‘soft mesh open-back crotchless leggings’ and retail at $49.99 (£35) or $19.98 (£14) for VIP members.

However, a viral TikTok shared on an account called @fathermarge didn’t quite see the appeal of the garment.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 3 million times a woman, who has green-screened a picture of the leggings behind her says: “OK so I was on Fabletics to see this month's outfits because I had a credit to use...ummm...can someone at Fabletics tell me what this is? Things are getting a little bit crazy.”


Many of the responses to the TikTok are ones of equal confusion, with someone saying “LMAO WHAT?” and another writing “OMG is this real? It can’t be?”

Another rather dramatically said: “Every day we get further and further from the Lord.”

Others thought that the leggings weren’t as bad as everyone was making out and wanted to get their hands on a pair.

According to The Mirror, the item has mostly positive reviews with one user writing on the Savage X website: “It is pretty clear these aren’t the type of leggings you are going to wear to the grocery store, but as something sexy and different for around the house or to sleep in? These are unique, flattering, and really pretty! I love the back detail and even the crotchless design, you can wear panties under them or go commando and both are comfy options.”

In a further twist to the story, Father Marge has added that the video is just a joke as it would appear that the leggings are only available through Savage X and not on Fabletic.

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