A scientist has gone viral for combatting another virus – misinformation surrounding the coronavirus vaccine.

Posting on TikTok, Tracy, who says she is a retired college professor and holds a PhD in microbiology and immunology creates duets with people who are spreading misinformation and addresses their points in turn to show people why they are demonstrably false.

In one video, someone claims that the mRNA used in the vaccines is synthetic and that this is the first time in history that synthetic mRNA has been used in a vaccine.

Tracy replies that it is indeed synthetic but that it is “not true” that it has never been used before.

The person then claims that because it is synthetic the body “would attack it and eradicate it.”

“Your body doesn’t care if it’s synthetic or not it just wants to destroy foreign things,” the scientist replies.

And after the person claims that nobody knows how long it will take the body to breakdown the vaccine, and that it will be “lingering” and “creating danger signals” to the body, Tracy swiftly replies “less than two weeks” and assures people that it is “not true” that the body will think it is at risk.

Reacting to her calm and polite shutdown of this misinformation, people praised Tracy:

We definitely need more people like Tracy on the platform.

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