Man films ‘shape shifting’ object in the sky and the internet’s convinced it’s a UFO

Man films ‘shape shifting’ object in the sky and the internet’s convinced it’s a UFO

Where would the internet be without alien “sighting” footage? Who doesn’t love so-called “evidence” there’s life, somewhere, out there?

Well, one German tourist has offered UFO lovers some fresh fodder and, to be fair, it does make for compelling viewing.

The man allegedly spotted the ethereal object out of his window while travelling on a plane.

Getting his sophisticated Nikon P900 camera out, he recorded how the shimmering white object appeared to constantly change shape.

He then sent the footage to popular YouTube conspiracy theorist known as Disclose Screen The Grimreefar.

Grimereefar shared the video on his platform, offering his analysis of what it could be. He explained to viewers: "I’ve got this incredible sighting on film by a passenger on board an airline of what appears to be a shape-shifting object.

Describing the object as looking as though it’s “made out of plasma”, he continued: "The plane’s altitude is anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 feet and this object is filmed over seven minutes above the altitude of the plane and it seems to be moving alongside with the plane.

"People are going to call this a UFO, well technically it is, but I’m leaning more towards this being a biological entity or a plasma-based life form living in our upper atmosphere."

Viewers were flummoxed by the shape-shifter, with one writing: “This one has me stumped. No clue. Fascinating…”

Another said: “It’s like the ‘mist’ has a mind of its own. And, how it materiali[ses] out of the blue. [Especially] right at the start, and somehow looks like an angel or something freaky at some point in the video.”

And a third suggested such objects might have something to do with plane crash mysteries from the past.

“I’m thinking about all these missing planes that were big news back in the day and I’m correlating this vid with the idea that it might be the cause of the missing passengers,” they wrote.

“Maybe the plane accidentally flew through that and vanished inside of that shape shifter (possibly a portal?). [I don’t know] it’s just a theory.”

The fact is there are many theories, but the mystery of extraterrestrial life seems lightyears from being solved.

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