A timeline of the assault allegations against TikTok star Sienna Mae Gomez

A timeline of the assault allegations against TikTok star Sienna Mae Gomez

Prominent TikTok star, Sienna Mae Gomez, has denied assault allegations made by fellow influencer and former friend Jack Wright.

On January 20, Wright posted a 17-minute YouTube video titled "What Sienna Mae did to me" claiming that she repeatedly groped and forced herself onto him without his consent. Wright, 18, also accused her of breaking into his house and room multiple times to take advantage of him while he slept.

A representative for Sienna Mae Gomez, 18, told NBC News thatWright was "reframing of their history" in a way that is "harmful and untrue."

The statement continued: "There has been no police investigation – not even a police report to our knowledge – no charges, no private lawsuit and no contact between Sienna and Jack or their respective legal teams in many months."

Gomez, who had 15 million TikTok followers at the height of her social media fame, said that all the pair "ever did was kiss."

"I have never seen, felt or touched him naked," she said in a blog post.

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The influencers had been friends since childhood and went on to the same high school. In 2021, they joined Hype House together, a Netflix show based on a group of TikTok-famous influencers living under the same roof.

Gomez continued: "We spent several nights at the Hype House together, but I never grabbed him asleep or awake. Yet I'm still being called a 'rapist' across the internet by those who don't understand the meaning of the word."

Here is a timeline of all the accusations:

May 2021 – A friend posted the allegations against Gomez

In May last year, a friend of Wright's posted a statement to social media that detailed the alleged abuse.

Rizzo's since-deleted post read: "I struggle with seeing a girl getting praised after telling my best friend to go kill himself and sexually assault him multiple times after he set boundaries and repeatedly wonder why 'he doesn't like you back."

He claimed that Gomez had a history of "verbally abusing people" dating back to high school.

Gomez lost over 600,000 followers in the following week.

June 1 2021 – Gomez denied the claims

Taking to YouTube with an 8-minute clip, the 18-year-old influencer shut down accusations, calling Rizzo's tweet "unequivocally false."

She admitted to falling in love with Wright but said he did not feel the same way. She claimed that her "passion" was being misconstrued.

"Two weeks ago I asked him to film a video with me for my mental health's sake because I couldn't move on with everyone thinking we were still together," Gomez said. "He told me it wasn't healthy for either of us because this would mean losing his online girlfriend."

June 1 2021 – Later that day, Wright released a statement

"I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help that she needs. I don't want to tear anyone down and only wish healing for everyone involved," Wright wrote.

He hadn't yet personally accused her of sexual assault.

June 3 2021 – A friend posts a TikTok clip "as evidence"

In a since-deleted TikTok clip, a friend of Wright's showed footage of an incapacitated Wright on the couch. It allegedly showed Gomez kissing Wright while her hand was on his crotch. The friend said that he was unaware their relationship was "fake" and so, he wasn't alarmed when Gomez approached Wright.

He later pulled Gomez off.

June 4 2021 – Gomez denied for the second time and issued cease-and-desist letters

Gomez denied the allegations and said she was a victim of "multiple attempts to cancel me and slander my name."

"The way that Jack's friend narrated this video, I'll admit, looks so weird," Gomez said. "If he was unconscious, why did his arm move when you got up, and also, why was he kissing me back?"

She suggested that the clips were edited deceitfully. "This video is proof of nothing and instead raises more questions about Jack's issues and his friends' behavior," Gomez added.

January 11 2022 – Wright posted a cryptic TikTok

Wright, who had never directly spoken about the allegations, posted a cryptic TikTok which has fans speculating whether it was his way of confirming the allegations.

The on-screen text read:

"Can't stay quiet anymore especially when other guys in LA told me what she did to them as well. I'm done being gaslighted and silenced. Y'all deserve to know. please give me a little more time but please know that i've had love and support through all this from family, friends, and all of you online."

January 20 2022 – Wright posted a YouTube video detailing his allegations against Gomez

Wright accused Gomez of "breaking into" his house on multiple occasions, saying: "When I was sound asleep she would come into my room and I'd wake up to her hand in my pants."

He said the pair were "just friends".

"Looking back now I don't know why I stayed friends with her, stayed around her. I truly thought she was going to change," he added.

January 22 2022 – Gomez released a statement denying the claims

In a statement to NBC News, a representative for Gomez said:

"There has been no police investigation — not even a police report to our knowledge — no charges, no private lawsuit and no contact between Sienna and Jack or their respective legal teams in many months," the representative told NBC News.

"His latest falsehoods in the highly edited video show that once again Jack is making a calculated action to hinder, hurt and harm not only Sienna's reputation and livelihood, but her as an individual human being as well," the representative told the outlet.

Indy100 has reached out to both reps for comment.

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