Man gives snake its 'legs' back by building it 'robotic limbs'

Man gives snake its 'legs' back by building it 'robotic limbs'
Snake finds its way into Rylan's house

You might be familiar with the story from the Bible that snakes originally had legs before they started slithering on their stomachs, which is kind of terrifying given how unnerving they already are.

Well, believe it or not, but that part of the Bible is actually true as some species of snakes are born with legs or at least have historical genetic signs that they did once have legs.

In a bid to give our long-moving friends their legs back YouTuber and myth-buster Allen Pan has attempted to give at least one snake its legs back by creating a robotic exoskeleton suit for it that would allow it to 'walk' again.

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In a video shared on August 14th that has already been viewed more than two million times, Pan documents the great lengths he goes to when inventing his contraption and also getting a snake to try it out with.

giving snakes they're legs

After a few experiments, he quickly settled on a suit that would work for a snake but after being turned down by the Los Angeles Zoo, a pet store and a reptile-themed birthday party host he turned to Instagram and found a local snake breeder called @granddaddyherps1904.

The two then decided that the perfect candidate would be a very docile female python who took a bit of convincing to actually get in the exoskeleton but once she was in it didn't take long for her to settle into her new 'legs' and seemed quite happy just walking around like any animal with four legs does.

Pan was understandably happy with the outcome of the video saying: "I cannot get over the image of the snake crawling into its robotic exoskeleton."

However, not everyone is too keen on the idea of seeing snakes crawling around on legs.

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