Restaurant called out for 'infuriating' service charge for diners eating alone

Restaurant called out for 'infuriating' service charge for diners eating alone
Restaurants adding 'inflation' fee to bill
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A restaurant has caused an explosive debate online after charging a solo diner a hefty service charge.

In a popular Reddit thread, one infuriated foodie shared their experience at a Vietnamese restaurant in California.

They shared a photo of the receipt that detailed the additional charge of $8.91 (£7.20) and a sales tax of $4.52 (£3.65).

The small print at the bottom reads: "18.00% Service Charge Included. For parties of one or larger, a 18.00% gratuity is applied automatically. If you have any questions, please speak with a manager."

The post was soon inundated with thousands of fellow Redditors, who were seemingly as irritated as the poster.

"For parties of 1 or larger? What a convoluted way of saying everybody is charged 18%," one person wrote, while another added: "There is a place in town that adds an extra 20% "living wage increase" to all orders. But they make a point of saying that it isn't a tip. My wife then insists on tipping 20% on top of that. We don't go there anymore."

"‘Hello I’d like to reserve a table for 0 people’ – Checkmate," a third joked.

Meanwhile, one person humoured: "Ha! The joke's on them, I tip 20%. Suckers. Saved me 2%"

It comes after a former Apprentice star called solo diners "pathetic" people who "need to make friends".

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Ryan Mark Parsons shared his discomfort with solo eaters.

"I think people that do it are pathetic. I think Alex is one of those losers that goes to restaurants alone, and it's weird," he said, adding: "I go to restaurants and see solo diners and I'm just uncomfortable. I question the motives, I think it's really, really bizarre."

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