Apprentice star causes debate for saying solo diners are ‘pathetic’ and ‘need to make friends’

Apprentice star causes debate for saying solo diners are ‘pathetic’ and ‘need to make friends’
Solo-Traveling is As Much About Fun as it is About Savings

A former Apprentice star has caused a stir on social media after calling solo diners "pathetic" who need to make friends.

Earlier this week, Good Morning Britain delved into the divisive topic of solo dining which saw Ryan Mark Parsons go head-to-head with Kiss FM presenter Alex Mansuroglu, who believes it is "freeing".

An opinionated Parsons did not hold back, sharing: "I think people that do it are pathetic. I think Alex is one of those losers that goes to restaurants alone, and it's weird.

He continued: "I go to restaurants and see solo diners and I'm just uncomfortable. I question the motives, I think it's really really bizarre."

Meanwhile, Mansuroglu explained: "I lead a very busy life, I have two kids at home.

"If I can have a 30-minute Nando's to myself before I get home and then pick up a little takeaway for my kids and fiance, that's great, it's freeing.

"People sometimes think I might have been stood up, I might get a free dessert in this, I might get 10 per cent off the bill, I think it's amazing and great," he added.

A snippet of the chat has since been shared on TikTok, which saw thousands of users chime in with their opinions. Many of which hit back at Parson's take, with one writing: "So he needs constant companionship… no that’s odd".


Fans of 'solo dining' claim it promotes healthier 'mindful' eating as they focus on their food, rather than being distracted by chatter. Online searches for 'solo dining' soared by 357% in 12 months and the report by hospitality experts is urging pubs and eateries to cater for loners by playing background music to 'fill the void of no conversation.' What do you think? #GMB#goodmorningbritain#debate

Another joked: "Wait until he finds out people travel alone".

A third wrote: "He clearly isn't comfortable with himself if he can't do things like that alone, what difference is eating alone at a restaurant or at home".

Others were quick to jump to the defence of solo diners, with one calling it "impressive."

They commented: "I think the opposite, I think people doing things alone are impressive. They’re content in their own company and have the confidence to do it".

Meanwhile, another quoted novelist Charles Bukowski, who famously said: "Beware those who seek constant crowds, for they are nothing alone."

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