Someone is messing with this job ads site

Someone is messing with this job ads site

Rumours that Doctor Who is looking for a new companion may have inspired this job advert for a time travelling assistant - or maybe they just watched Safety Not Guaranteed.

The notice, posted on Friday-Ad states

Time Travel Companion, Variable Hours, Require someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You'll get paid after we get back. (Fee negotiable). Must be good with technology.

The number it lists, however, goes straight to voicemail. The advert first appeared as a joke classified advert in Backwoods Home in 1997 and became a "minor internet phenomenon" as well as inspiring the film Safety Not Guaranteed.

A spokesperson for Friday-Ad confirmed to that the advert was legitimate, adding that the site hosted more than 100,000 ads placed every month.

"We pride ourselves on the range of different things you can buy, sell and discover; and that includes job adverts for time travellers", they added.

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H/T Valerie Siebert

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