Straight women have these five pieces of sex advice for straight men

Sex is about communication, and it’s important to know what your partner does and doesn’t like in the bedroom.

With that in mind, we’ve found five of the most best pieces of sex advice straight women have to offer for straight men.

1) Get in the (erogenous) zones

Parts of the female body are much more sensitive than others, so never underestimate what a few well-placed kisses can do. The nape of the neck is packed with nerve endings so that’s a good place to start.

2) Mix it up

Surveys of women for one of the biggest ever sex studies by Indiana University found that mixing four of five different sex acts into one session dramatically increases the woman’s chance of reaching orgasm. Begin with dirty talk before moving on to oral stimulation – and use at least one position that involves full eye contact.

3) Use your hands

According to sex coach Joanna Benfield, 75 per cent of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm – so it’s more effective to use any position plus your hands for additional stimulation.

4) Tell her you like her body

Kate Moore notes in Men’s Health that women spend their lives being made to feel as though their bodies are inadequate, and it’s difficult to feel sexual or alluring when you’re feeling self-conscious. If you think your partner is beautiful, tell them.

5) Don’t be afraid to talk dirty

Men’s Fitness report women in one poll suggested that the naughty stuff doesn’t have to be saved for the bedroom. Telling women how desirable they are over dinner, at drinks or on the phone can be a huge confidence boost.

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