Woman wakes to find stranger asleep on her sofa after he let himself into her house when drunk

Woman wakes to find stranger asleep on her sofa after he let himself into her house when drunk

A woman had the shock of her life when she woke up and discovered there was a stranger sleeping in her house.

In a viral TikTok, the woman, who calls herself Tasha, reveals how she was woken up by her mum at 6am after she found a man who’d made himself at home on their conservatory sofa.

In the video, the text said: “So my mum woke me up at 6am shouting that there was a man asleep in the conservatory and I went to have a look.”

She then filmed the man through the glass. He was fast asleep on the cushions with his phone, tobacco and other possessions on the ground around him.

Tasha filmed the events as she entered the conservatory and woke the man up.

She politely asked the intruder: “Excuse me, do you know you’re in someone’s house?”

He nonchalantly replied: “No.”

The man apologised when Tasha reiterated he was in a stranger’s house.


Tasha asked: “Were you drunk last night?” He responded, “I was a little bit yeah, I was just trying to find my house.”

When he gathered his things together and left, he apologised to Tasha again for sleeping in her house.

He said: “Oh gosh, where abouts am I? Yeah sorry about that, apologies.”

When he’d left, Tasha checked the house’s CCTV footage which revealed that who appeared to be the man had also tried opening the car door before letting himself into the conservatory (through the door, which was unlocked) for a snooze.

The events shocked many on TikTok who said they would be terrified if it happened to them.

One person wrote “I’d be petrified”, while another has had a family member who’s also experienced it.

They said: “Why is this a common occurrence in the UK? This happened to my mum a few years ago.”

In the man’s defence, someone else said: “At least he was polite.”

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