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A student “graded” an earnest apology letter from his ex-girlfriend, and tweeted it. But then his bubble was well and truly burst when that tweet got him suspended from university.

Nick Lutz shared a photo of the emotional, four-page letter which his girlfriend Elizabeth penned to him.

One extract reads:

I know you would rather me just become non-existent sometimes, I do too.

I saw you the other day and couldn’t help but cry.

I took you for granted, I begged for you back.  I ended up failing on my part, and not holding up my end of everything we had.

If there is one thing I never did to you, no matter if you believe me or not — I never cheated on you. I promise that on everything.

Lutz, rather than doing the mature thing of simply replying to Elizabeth or ignoring it, decided to 'grade' the letter 61/100.

He also scribbled “corrections” across it in red pen; which included phrases like "too much filler" and "too long of an introduction, too much repetition".

His tweet of the 'feedback' went viral.

But the warm glow of a viral internet success story quickly wore off.

Lutz, who is studying sports management at The University of Central Florida, was suspended for a semester for allegedly violating its rules of conduct.

Lutz wrote in an update on Facebook that he appealed the university's decision.

Four days later, Lutz returned to Facebook to say that the charges against him have now been dropped and he is no longer suspended.

Documentation uploaded to the social media site, appearing to be from a law firm representing Lutz, states:

After a very long process of anxiety filled journey, we are pleased to share that all sanctions against Mr Lutz have been revoked at this time. Mr Lutz is no longer suspended or facing any sanctions.

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