Students are asking Facebook users for NHS isolation screenshots to skip work this weekend

<p>People are taking to Facebook for isolation screenshots to ditch work for the weekend </p>

People are taking to Facebook for isolation screenshots to ditch work for the weekend

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TikTok has banned teens from sharing tips on how to fake a positive Covid test result through the use of random household items. However, some people are getting extra brazen and taking to Facebook to hunt for NHS isolation screenshots to ditch work for the weekend.

One brave person took to a student Facebook group to make the questionable – and borderline genius – request. In a post seen by indy100 that racked up over 500 likes, the student explained that he didn’t want to work over the weekend. This prompted him to ask the 53.8K Facebook group members if anybody could provide him with evidence that he ‘needed to isolate’.

“Anyone got a screenshot of a 10-day isolation message by text or NHS app? Cba [can’t be arsed] to work this weekend”, the post read.

Facebook users found the request hilarious, and some were even keen to lend a helping hand by posting evidence of their positive results.

One student commented, “Pouring Coca-Cola on a lateral flow test makes it come back positive - but you didn’t hear that from me.”

“Worthless coming via FB, image will obvs be fake due to the image compression. send it via email.” Another highlighted.

While a third Facebook user said, “Heads up, you’ll only be paid for four of those days.”

If someone has tested positive from the virus, the National Health Service (NHS) states that their self-isolation period includes the day their symptoms started (or the day they had the test, if they do not have symptoms) and the next 10 full days. Anyone they live with must also isolate.

In terms of getting paid for self-isolating, suggested they should speak directly to their employer.

“You may want to speak to your employer about whether you are eligible for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough). You may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) while you are on sick leave or self-isolating.” They said.

Indy100 has reached out to the Department of Health and Social Care for further comment.

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