T-Mobile worker praised for doing 'god's work' after helping woman find phone number her husband kept texting

T-Mobile worker praised for doing 'god's work' after helping woman find phone number her husband kept texting
TikToker outs cheating boyfriend after overhearing phone conversation

A T-Mobile employee got praised for doing "God's work" after helping a woman discover an unknown phone number her husband kept calling and texting.

Eliza, who goes by @lizzylizzyyy on TikTok uploaded a video to the platform showing how proud of herself she was of her mission.

"When I help a customer find the phone number her husband has been calling and texting the last couple of months," the onscreen caption said.

The video received over 141,900 views at the time of writing.


He won’t be living tho #tmobile #ihatecheaters

Some people were unaware that T-Mobile staff could pull up phone numbers like that and Eliza didn't explain how she found the person.

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"Wait y’all can do this," someone wrote.

"That's how I caught my ex-husband and filed for divorce," another added.

A third felt the angelic presence of the moment.

"Doing God's work, sis," they wrote.

Someone else who claimed to be a T-Mobile employee as well wrote: "Yeah I’m with T-Mobile too … you just pull up the statement online and u can see the numbers y’all text or call."

Oher viewers had their own methods for how they find a number.

"I just do it myself, it’s super easy finding who’s number it belongs to. People have no idea," a fifth wrote.

A sixth wrote: "I caught a lot by just googling but sometimes it doesn’t come up."

Speaking with Indy100 about the situation, a T-Mobile representative noted that safeguards are: "We have safeguards in place to protect customer information and we will investigate this to understand what actually occurred."

Elsewhere, other people uncovered wrongdoings from loved ones in unexpected ways.

Some awkwardly found out that their significant others were cheating on them through text messages and another woman received a message from their boyfriend with a Tinder notification.

Indy100 reached out to Eliza for comment.

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