Woman finds out her boyfriend is cheating after he sends screenshot showing Tinder notification

Woman finds out her boyfriend is cheating after he sends screenshot showing Tinder notification

TikTok / hannahclarkieee

Although dating apps have made it easier than ever for cheaters to swipe through potential matches, apps also mean they’re easier to catch out.

And one TikToker shared the jaw-dropping way she did just that by discovering what her partner was up to on Tinder.

In the clip, she shared how her boyfriend sent her a picture of a car he wanted her to get from Craigslist.

Although it initially looked like a harmless screenshot of a car advert, something in his notification bar caught her eye…

She spotted a “weird flame” at the top left of his phone screen, and wondered what it was.

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She wrote: “Was in denial. Nah that can’t be…”

After looking up the Tinder logo on Google, her suspicions were confirmed.

Realising her partner was likely active on the app, she downloaded it for herself as she was “in denial”.

Unbelievably, her partner’s profile showed up on the first swipe.


I heard this audio & knew it was my duty 😂😂😂 #cheater #fyp #ex

Since uploading the clip it has received over half a million views, 56,000 likes, and almost 400 comments.

In the comment section Hannah said this all happened three years ago, and she’s now with an “amazing man”.

She added: “This story was too good not to share and I know other people have gone through something similar”.

One commenter shared how she discovered her partner’s secret in a similar way.

She wrote: “One time my ex didn’t answer my FaceTime because he had 2 per cent battery so he sent me a screenshot to prove it and forgot he had the Bumble app.”

Another said: “My ex sent me a picture of a pair of shoes he was going to buy me and the Hinge option was right on the top left lmao”.

Someone else had a similar story: “Was on FaceTime with my ex and heard weird notification sounds from his end. Looked it up on YouTube. That’s how I found out he had Tinder.”

“My ex was the tutorial swipe on Bumble,” another said.

Another commenter wrote: “He’s gonna be like ‘bae that just means my phone’s overheating’”.

Another wrote: “Android user” along with several red flags.

This isn’t the first ingenious way a cheating partner was caught.

Another woman watched a series of Instagram stories in slow-motion to try and spy her partner in the background of a restaurant, while another found her fiancé’s secret by checking her blocked list on Instagram.

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