Awkwardly placed motivational message in Tesco toilet leaves customer in stitches

<p>One Tesco store had a particularly motivating message for those that used their urinal</p>

One Tesco store had a particularly motivating message for those that used their urinal

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A motivational message in a supermarket toilet has cracked people up after a Reddit user pointed out its awkward placement.

Since the Covid pandemic, Tesco have been putting signs up to spread positivity during these uncertain times.

Messages like “Together we can do this” can be seen in stores, in a bid to uplift customers.

Though it seems that the supermarket didn’t always realise that these signs could sometimes look a bit odd – in places such as the toilet.

A Reddit user shared an image of what they said was their local Tesco store toilets, featuring a “Together we can do this” sign, just off to the right – next to a urinal.

The exact store location was not revealed in the post, so it could possibly be in any of the 4,008 stores across the UK.

The photo was hilariously captioned: “Nah, I got this one all by myself thanks Tesco”.

It was posted to the Casual UK sub-Reddit by user daicrescenzi who spotted the funny placement of the message.

And it tickled some people online,

One person said: “If you’re pee shy, this is the perfect motivation!”

“Unexpected item in the p***ing area,” a second person replied.

Another joked: “Would you like help with your package?”

So next time you’re desperate for the loo during your weekly shop, just look out for those words of encouragement beside you...

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