The cutest orphan baby seal was found in a cow field. Yes, really

A baby seal has been rescued from a field after it became trapped, having hauled itself from a nearby creek into a field of cows in Frampton Marsh, Lincolnshire.

A resident from a nearby town spotted the cows acting strangely around a boggy patch of the field, while looking through his telescope.

Yes, that really is a baby seal being menaced by some cows.

He subsequently saw the seal, realised what had happened and contacted experts at the county's RSPB reserve and staff at Natureland Seal Sanctuary in Skegness, who advised him on how to move the pup and then later collected her.

Director of Natureland, Richard Yeadon, told the East Lindsey Target:

Her main problem is that at only five days old she was orphaned and therefore had not fed for a while, she had lost quite a lot of weight and was dehydrated.

We gave her rehydration fluid through a stomach tube and are now giving her high fat herrings which will help her gain back the weight.

The pup, named 'Celebration' in recognition of Skegness Natureland's 50th anniversary, will be released into the wild when she reaches around 60-70lbs and is able to feed in the water by herself.

We know why you clicked this though...


H/T: The East Lindsey Target

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