The internet has fallen in love with this seal that tried to cross a road

Police in Gävle in northern Sweden have helped a stranded seal back to water after it was found on a street on Monday morning.

The seal was found trying to slide across the tarmac by a passerby, who then alerted the authorities.

The police wasted no time in retelling the rest of the story on their Facebook page, accompanied by some heartbreakingly cute photos.

Polispatrull blev kallad till centrala Gävle med anledning av att en sälkut hade hamnat lite fel i sin orientering. Sä...

Posted by Polisen Gävle, Sandviken, Ockelbo, Hofors on Monday, 4 April 2016

The post read:

The seal was in good spirits when the police arrived at the scene.

Which is good to know.

The animal was shepherded back to nearby water, using fish donated by a nearby restaurant.

Police carried the seal for a portion of the journey, due to fatigue, but when it reached the water it "swam and dived around".

The police also expressed that they hoped the seal would find its way out of Gävle and would find a lot more fish.

The story shared by Polisen Gävle, written by press officer Mikael Hedström, has been liked by 8,800 people so far and shared hundreds of times.

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