After Boris Johnson was photographed without a mask while visiting a hospital earlier this week, he triggered a huge backlash.

Many people were angry at the PM for potentially not following the rules while the staff he was with at Hexham General Hospital in Northumberland were masked up and the Mirror published accusations that he was even told to wear one three times. For what it’s worth, his official spokesperson and the NHS trust in question said at the time that he had followed all rules and indy100 have contacted Downing Street for further clarification.

To bring some levity to a contentious moment, last night, comedy chat show The Last Leg shared one of the photos of Johnson in a hospital without a mask and asked viewers to come up with their best caption ideas using the hashtag #BorisInAHospital for the show.

As you can imagine, the internet more than got to work and some of the responses were pretty funny indeed.

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It is hard to even choose which ones stand out the most, but here are of nine of the very best:

Ah, Boris Johnson. What are we going to do with you? Politicians might annoy us, but at least they make good memes.

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