(Picture: Gareth Arnoult
(Picture: Gareth Arnoult

It may have been dispiriting to learn this week that Britain First became the first "political party" in the country to reach 1 million followers on Facebook, but one man is fighting back - one ridiculous meme at a time.

Gareth Arnoult has been goading supporters of the far-right group for more than a year and a half - and now has 160,000 likes of his own.

Describing himself as a troll and blogger from Sheffield, Arnoult runs parody page Britain Furst and the satirical news website British Fake News Network.

The Britain First and Britain Furst logos

Britain First owes much of its success on social media to creating visually striking images with nationalist or "patriotic" messages that do not always explicitly reference its Islamophobic agenda.

I think it’s rather impressive that they have achieved the success they have, and they haven’t achieved it by being foolish - they are very clever with their marketing.

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