Woman finds old photo in second hand DVD of The Ring and is suitably disturbed

There are some blasts from the past no one wants to encounter – finding a creepy old photo alongside a horror movie is one of them.

But that’s precisely what happened when Twitter user Riley Cassidy opened up a second hand DVD case for cult classic The Ring.

In it, she found a picture of a random woman staring at the camera, a glazed look in her strikingly blue eyes.

Sharing a snap of the disturbing discovery, the self-confessed horror nerd tweeted: “Bought a copy of The Ring at the thrift shop and it came with this totally not haunted photograph inside."

In an update she added that she’d set a reminder to herself, saying: “Make sure you don’t get murdered.”

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People were suitably unsettled by the vintage snapshot, with her tweet racking up more than 15,800 likes and 1,200 shares.

One user managed to photoshop in a frightening apparition in the background (thanks for that):

While other concerned people simply instructed her to “run.”

Some made light of the situation:

While others made reference to The Ring’s plot:

Whilst the film doesn’t feature any frightening still images, it does centre on a mysterious videotape which causes whoever watches it to die a week later.

The good news is that Cassidy shared her post on May 2 – and she’s still alive.

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