Pregnant OnlyFans star is planning to live-stream birth to subscribers for £10,000

Pregnant OnlyFans star is planning to live-stream birth to subscribers for £10,000
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A pregnant OnlyFans star has revealed her plans to live-stream the birth of her child for money and has received offers from subscribers to buy her breast milk.

39-year-old Carla Bellucci saw an uptick in her OnlyFans content earnings after revealing her pregnancy and the star has more plans to cash in.

The OnlyFans subscription service allows users to make money from shared content that usually stars themselves and is often adult in nature.

Bellucci has captured the imagination of fetishists who are tracking the size of her baby bump and one subscriber offered her £10,000 to live-stream the birth.

The mother-to-be from Hitchin in Hertfordshire has accepted and plans to extend the birth invitation to more of her subscribers.

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She told the Daily Star: “I am nervous about live-streaming my birth but at the end of the day it’s a lot of money to refuse.”

Bellucci has been capitalising on her pregnancy from the “massive fan base” of fetishists ever since she discovered a significant uptake in earnings when posting about her pregnancy.

During pregnancy, Bellucci has seen one of her “best months” on the platform.

She continued: “So many men have fetishes for pregnant women. I made over £3,000 the day it came out about my pregnancy.

“Men want to see my bump and they are excited about me growing. I have had requests for my breastmilk, which I find totally random and didn’t even know was a thing. Shocking!”

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