There is a new teen mag called Oh My Vlog! and yes, it is actually real

There is a new teen mag called Oh My Vlog! and yes, it is actually real

We might have reached peak internet.

Twitter started eating itself on Wednesday morning after news broke that a publication called Oh My Vlog! is hitting supermarket and newsagent shelves today.

Paul Lang, who's the one-off publication's art editor, tweeted a picture of the cover of the magazine and in doing so made everyone feel like they'd aged about ten years in the space of a second:

Oh My Vlog! boasts a feature spilling the secret to "getting 10K likes" ("BAAM!") and interviews with various web celebs. Readers can also win a Skype call with Tyler Oakley, whom we're told the kids are into these days.

Malcolm MacKenzie of Egmont Publishers, who edits teen magazine We Love Pop, told that Oh My Vlog! is part of a series called All About, in which the company trials new ideas for publications by testing the market with one-off issues.

"We've done All About One Direction and All About Angry Birds before and we had great success with Ever After High, so that became its own magazine," he said.

YouTube is just another way of celebrity entering the public eye. It’s not traditional, but think about music or film – you read a magazine about those to learn about the people you like, not watch or listen to them, it's not the same medium. With vloggers it's absolutely no different.

  • Oh My Vlog and We Love Pop editor Malcolm MacKenzie

Well. You can't put print out Zoella or Alfie Deyes' vlogs and stick them on your bedroom wall, we suppose.

MacKenzie said that the one-off magazine is aimed at secondary school kids and has been launched to coincide with the start of the summer holidays:

Some YouTube stars are leaving the internet, Zoella has a very popular book, so it proves stuff online can make the transition. It seemed like the right time.

There we have it, kids: if you're thinking "this m8azin is my bae" get your hands on an analogue fix of your favourite web celebs while you can.

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