Just some teenagers reacting to that relic of the past, the encyclopedia

Books - you remember them right? Today's teens sure don't.

Fine Brothers introduced some young people to printed encyclopedias and the reactions will not make you feel like a spring chicken.

"But what IS 'encyclopedia?'"

And what do you think it's used for?

"It's the internet in books!"

Sigh. Yes, dear, it's the internet in books. That's exactly what it is.

No prizes for guessing what the teens said they use for homework research today:


When given the rather meta task of looking up the entry for "reading" the struggle for these kids was very real.

"This takes forever!"

Looking up YouTube? No luck. This edition is from 2005.

"That's what bugs me about books. You can't update them."

"Five whole minutes of my life is gone! When I could have found it in like 0.00098 seconds with Google!"

And at $2,000 a pop for an multi-volume encyclopedia these kids are not impressed. They're used to knowledge being readily accessible and free.

But despite the fact that books are now old-school these teens aren't ready to see a world without them yet.

"The things that we have grown up with are starting to disappear. It's like 'woooaah.'"

We couldn't have put it better.

Watch their reactions in full below:

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