A new law allows councils to ban activities in public spaces is creating "bizarre" criminal offences, according to libertarian campaigners.

The Manifesto Club claims councils are using the'public spaces protection order' (PSPO) in 2014's Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act to ban certain activities, including entering a tower block.

They have already identified the following bans:

  • In Colchester it is now a crime to drive into a retail park after 6pm unless you are using the retail park facilities;
  • In Poole 'begging for money' is now a crime;
  • In Cambridge it is a crime to have an 'open container' of alcohol;
  • In Oxford it is a crime for a young person to enter a tower block unless they are visiting a resident of the block;
  • In Lincoln, from 1 April it will be a crime to consume any 'intoxicating substances' in the city centre (defined as 'substances with the capacity to stimulate or depress the central nervous system').
  • Grimsby has passed a PSPO allowing the confiscation of alcohol.

Source: the Manifesto club

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