These horrifying political face swaps could determine how you vote in May

Whatever the result of this most-difficult-to-predict general election, pundits universally anticipate that we will end up with another hung Parliament and perhaps a coalition.

To help illustrate what the make-up of the government might look like in May, bookmakers Ladbrokes have released the odds on a number of potential combinations as well as some absolutely terrifying photoshop mash-ups of the respective leaders.

Here are the potential combinations, with the odds in brackets, and a whole pile of nope underneath:

Con/Lib Dem (5/1)

AKA David Clegg.

Lab/Lib Dem (8/1)

AKA Nick Miliband.

Lab/SNP (16/1)

AKA Ed Sturgeon.

Lab/Lib Dem/SNP (12/1)

AKA Nick Miliband-Sturgeon.

Con/Ukip (25/1)

AKA David Farage.

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