This kid's scathing answer sums up how every stressed student has felt in an exam

Exam season has well and truly arrived, and as children sit in halls and try to scramble for an answer about a topic they had crammed into their brain the night before, some have managed to retain their humour.

Damith Bandara, a primary school teacher in the UK had finished marking Sats papers when one answer to a grammar question caught his eye.

He posted it onto a Facebook forum for teachers, and the post was shared over 5,000 times in a day.

You'll soon see why.

Now that Sats are over. One of my children wrote this on the grammar paper. The question was to write the word 'point' as verb and noun.

The child's response?

I don’t see the point in Sats.

Slam. Dunk.

The unnamed pupil will probably go through many trials and tribulations, standardised tests and job interviews throughout his/her life.

We think they'll be just fine.

Picture: Giphy
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