This vegetarian ate meat for the first time in 22 years. Her reaction was priceless

The A.V Club/YouTube

I feel like I'm drunk on meat.

Stephanie Potakis, has been a vegetarian for 22 years, and for the purposes of our entertainment she decided to eat a delicious meal of dead animals.

And it was delicious.

Potakis, an employee at the Onion, enjoyed the following foods for the A.V Club's 'Supper Club'.

Crispy Chicken Thigh


The flavours are just oozing out of everywhere. That doesn't happen with vegetables.

Bone Marrow


I feel like it's the weirdest part of the animal to eat...[moments after eating]...I'm sorry this is my new favourite meal right here.

Rib-eye and A-5 Wagyu

Potakis compared the two types of beef, rib-eye and then Japanese black beef A-5 Wagyu



This one is good. But this one [Wagyu] is stupid good...This is like a whole different level of food I was not aware existed, and I'm so excited to be a part of it now.

Here's the video posted to AV Club's YouTube on 1 November.

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