This woman turned up to a series of first dates in a wedding dress - and men's responses were hilarious


A woman raising money for 'Stand Up to Cancer' has been arriving to her first dates in a wedding gown.

Comedian Laura Bubble has been pranking men by implying her first date demands serious commitment from them.

Using Tinder to lure men in, she arrives in a wedding gown. All for charity, but also our entertainment.

Panic and cowardice of men, caught on camera.

Priceless, but do donate to Stand Up To Cancer.

As well as the outfit, from which some men simply scarper, Bubble throws in some well placed creepy comments for the ones who are grinning through it.

English awkwardness at its best.


I was thinking I should add you on Facebook, so we can make it, like, official.


What do you mean by that?

One man's paranoia is too much.

Has Dave put you up to this? Has Dave...

He's right, this is a ruse, but who is Dave? And is that what Dave does? Dave sounds weird.

One gentleman arranged a second date for bowling, when Laura suggested she wear something more suitable for the lanes, the date replied:

It's all right. You should wear what you like I suppose.

Having passed the embarassment test, more than a couple of them wanted to proceed with their planned date.

To donate to Stand Up To Cancer on text STAND5 to 70404 to donate £5 or STAND10 to 70404 to donate £10.

The full video can be seen here:

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