People on TikTok are photoshopping Andrew Tate to look feminine

People on TikTok are photoshopping Andrew Tate to look feminine
TikToker does impression of Andrew Tate

People on TikTok are trolling Andrew Tate by photoshopping feminine clothing and features onto him.

Since the former kickboxer went viral for his misogynistic and harmful rhetoric toward women, people are taking an opportunity to mock Tate and reverse the impact of his words in any way they can.

Most recently, there have been a string of viral videos where TikTokers take a photo of Tate and photoshop him into a woman - something they believe he would be offended by.

The hope is that Tate will see the video and assume his message is being wrongly interpreted.

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Several videos have racked up millions of views including one from user petervpz which has over four million views and 890k+ likes.

The TikToker turned Tate into a ballerina using a photo of Tate flexing in the mirror at the gym.

"Coquette andrew," the caption reads.


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"Impeccable form andy-boo," a commenter wrote.

"The best part is that he'd be genuinely offended by this," another person added.

Another video from sunny_.v1 take a photo of Tate and adds a crop top, ripped jeans, plump glossy lips, colored hair, and eyelashes to make him look more feminine.

The same user has made several videos dressing Tate in different styles of clothing.

"He’s bringing back strong yassculinity," a commenter wrote.

"I hope miss tate sees this herself i rlly do," another person said.

TikTok user Avie took a photo of Tate and 'yassified' him by giving him long hair, makeup, and turning his stern face into a smile. With over 132k+ views, people found the editing very funny.

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