Comedian who bullied classmate 15 years ago tracks him down to say sorry

Comedian who bullied classmate 15 years ago tracks him down to say sorry
Comedian who copped to bullying on TikTok makes amends with victim 15 ...

Comedian Joe Erwin asked TikTok followers to share a "terrible thing" they did as children that they now feel bad about and recounted his own experience of bullying a classmate as a child, which he now wants to apologize for.

Erwin posted the original video back in March and explained that when he was in first grade he "would steal a kid's lunch every day and eat it right in front of him."

According to Erwin, the boy he stole lunch from was named Dylan who he sat next to every day. Since Dylan was smaller than Erwin, the comedian believed he did not get hungry the way Erwin did as a bigger kid.

"I would simply say' hey man look over there' and I was grab his pizza and put it on my plate," Erwin explained.

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Even when Dylan would tell Erwin he didn't like when he did that, Erwin didn't listen and continued to take Dylan's food to satisfy his hunger.

But now, over 15 years later, Erwin feels incredibly guilty for hurting Dylan's feelings and stealing his food and used his platform to apologize to Dylan.

"Dylan if you're out there I'm sorry man and I want to take you out the most expensive pizza place that you can think of," Erwin said. "I know it's not going to completely make it right, I at least want to say i'm sorry."


It was stuffed crust

Erwin's video received over nine million views and commenters joked with Erwin about the situation.

"You didn't hear? Dylan starved to death, never saw the second grade," a commenter joked.

"This is Dylans supervillian orgin story," another wrote.

"Plot twist he steals your pizza again," a commenter wrote.

But many more commenters requested a follow-up to the Dylan saga, which Erwin gave several days later.

The comedian told followers in another video that he found Dylan thanks to an old yearbook and reached out to him on Facebook looking to make amends to their childhood days.

Dylan responded to Erwin positively, saying he didn't even recall Erwin as the perpetrator but would be happy to grab pizza with Erwin next time he was in his city.

For those invested in the Joe-Dylan saga, Erwin posted another update last week notifying people he would be meeting up with Dylan in May 14 which he promised he would vlog.

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