TikTok DIY expert painting entire wall in 35 seconds is seriously impressive

TikTok DIY expert painting entire wall in 35 seconds is seriously impressive
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Daniel Wall

Just the idea of doing DIY is enough to strike fear into some of us, but one TikToker is making the whole thing look ridiculously simple with a viral video.

A social media user going by the name of has left their followers absolutely blown away with his skills in a new clip.

The video sees the handyman show his followers how he managed to paint an entire wall in the space of just 35 seconds.

Painting a room is a process which can take hours, but judging by this viral clip everyone has been doing it wrong this whole time.

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How does he do it? By beginning with a wobbly line in the centre before going back over himself in a series of swift movements to finish the job.

While the edges of the wall and the parts by the plug socket had been painted already, the speed at which he covered the main area was truly impressive.

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The video has racked up more than three million views and thousands of comments from deeply impressed viewers.

“I can't get a brush to roll that wall on one dip of paint lol,” one said.

“It took me 3 days and 10 emotional breakdowns to paint my bedroom and then I see this,” another added.

One more said: "This is what I was expecting painting my house to be like."

Others were after more advice, asking where they could find the rollers in the video for their own home improvement projects.

“I have an entire house to paint, what roller is this and take my money,” somebody said.

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