Left, two white men smile at the camera. The one on the right cups his head in his hands and smiles. Right, a Black street seller grins at the camera behind a billboard.
La La Land Café/TikTok

One TikTok account has been doing their own take on shouting messages at people from their car. Though far from being street harassment or catcalling, the La La Land Kind Café has been directing compliments and words of encouragement at passers-by instead.

The brand, which has cafés in California and Texas, has a mission to “normalise kindness”, and has been using its account on the shortform video platform to share a series of videos titled “Drive-By Kindness”.

In the first episode, posted in November last year, a female voice can be heard saying: “Excuse me, I just want to say you’re beautiful.”

As one of the men cups his head in his hands, the other replies: “You’re the most beautiful, thank you!”


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Another clip shows three female friends gathered outside, which quickly evolves into a shouting match as those in the car and on the street argue over who should “have a good day”.

“No, you,” the individuals in the car shout as the vehicle drives away.

It’s the kind of aggressive kindness we’re here for.

The original video has since been viewed more than 4.9 million times, and the series now has a total of 36 episodes at the time of writing.

One comment under the latest video reads: “Potential Karens turn Carine with kind words.”

“The kindness you guys spread is just amazing. I feel it through my phone,” wrote another.

Another person, who was stopped in the latest video, commented: “I’m the third person and I was just scrolling this is so sweet she genuinely made my day.”

“Omg we LOVE YOU! So happy we met you that day,” the café replied.


wait til the end. she said “DRIVE BY ANYTIME” 😂💛 / drive-by kindness ep.36 #drivebykindness #spreadkindness #spreadlove #bekind #fyp

We agree with one user who said that kindness like this is “contagious”, and hopefully we see even more of it in the future.

Keep on spreading love, La La Land Kind Café.

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