Terrifying TikTok videos from Indonesia capture what it is like to experience a volcanic eruption

Terrifying TikTok videos from Indonesia capture what it is like to experience a volcanic eruption

Following a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, residents have been sharing haunting videos of volcanic ash filling the sky, and clips of villagers begging for help.

Devastating the village of Curahkobokan, the eruption of Mount Semeru on Saturday has had catastrophic results.

Since its occurrence, many on the Indonesian island of Java have taken to TikTok to share scenes of the disaster.

One video shows huge plumes of smoke adding to an already blackened sky as a terrified woman runs with desperate screams to find cover.


#semeru europsi semoga selalu dalam lindungan ALLAH SWT

The lava flowing into residential areas is captured in another.


lavagunung semeru mengalir deras membawa matrial baru pasir

Others videos shows shocked villagers walking through the mud river remains of the destroyed town.


semoga selalu di mudahkan dan bisa melewati bencana europsi semeru


#gunungsemerumeletus #lumajang #fyp #viralvideo

In one clip, an onlooker pans the camera to show that surrounding thick gray soot that encompasses the town—trapping them in.


#semeru #meletus #fyp #lumajang

What appears to be a volcanic ash rainstorm is seen in another video.


#prayforlumajang #erupsisemeru #staysafe #lumajang #gunungsemeru

“Take care, pray for them” read one comment from an onlooker.

These are just some of the haunting clips shared on the social media platform by those on the scene. A natural disaster of this scale happened in January, but had no fatalities.

This time around search and rescue teams are reporting a rising death toll.

In a news conference on Saturday, Indah Amperawati Masdar, the deputy head of East Java’s Lumajang District, near Mount Semeru revealed that at least 14 people have been killed and many others have suffered burns from the lava flow.

While many rescue teams have rushed to provide urgent help and evacuated many, the mission has proved to be more than strenuous.

According to Vice, however, volunteers’ rescue efforts have been “hampered by suffocating smoke, a power blackout, and rainstorms that Indonesian meteorologists say are expected to continue over the coming days.”

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