Outrage as photographer charges extra $100 to snap plus-sized models

Outrage as photographer charges extra $100 to snap plus-sized models

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A photographer has faced condemnation after he was accused of charging $100 more to take pictures of plus-sized models.

William Lords, a fashion photographer based in New York City, was accused of the “insane” practice in a TikTok video posted by a modelling agent last week. But he insists that it's because the clothes he styles plus-size women in are harder to acquire.

Megan Mesveskas, 24, said in the post: “So you’ve all probably heard of designers charging more for curved models because it’s more fabric, or whatever. But what about a photographer charging more to shoot curved or plus-sized models?

“That’s annoying. Yes, that is exactly what hit my inbox today, and my jaw completely dropped.”

Ms Mesveskas went on to share an email reporting to be from Mr Lords’ company, after reaching out to him about his availability and rates for a photoshoot.

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The email reads: “Hi Megan. It’s nice to e-meet you. I hope all is well.


This is insane! A well known New York photographer shamelessly charges curve and plus size models an extra $100 for his dissatisfaction of having to look at them on set. #williamLords #curvemodel #Plussizefashion #plussize #plussizemodel

“Our rates are as follows. Standard: $950. Plus/Curve: $1,050.

“Both rates include three styled looks, clean face, styled hair, and eight to ten images.”

After sharing the message, Ms Mesveskas added: “I guess he just doesn’t want to have to look at them through his camera?”

The video has since received mixed reactions on TikTok, with commenters either criticising the photographer’s alleged “fatphobia”, or calling out Ms Mesveskas for not approaching Mr Lords for an explanation.

“Just when I think I’ve seen it all in this industry… The fact that both rates were listed, side by side, without any hesitation or trying to hide it,” one wrote.

While another commented: “Probably should have ASKED for his reason instead of manufacturing outrage for views and a false sense of justice and smashing down oppression.”

“YiKES definitely shouldn’t be working in this industry,” replied a third.

Yet a fourth user said: “His explanation seems pretty reasonable: it’s difficult to find plus-sized clothing at the same price as regular sized. Even Walmart is 25 per cent higher.”

Mr Lords has since spoken out following the backlash, telling the New York Post that “it’s easy to jump on something you don’t understand”.

He said: “Getting those clothes [for plus-sized women] is very difficult. I need to charge a bit higher, because it’s hard to find anything.

“I go out there and buy the clothes with my own credit card for the models to wear as part of our package.”

The outlet reports the photographer is now considering legal action against Ms Mesveskas, as well as another model – Sixtine Rouyre – who called him out.

“I’m a Black man in America, and two white women tell me I’m discriminating them?

“I’m so hurt by this. Nobody is telling the true story,” he said.

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