TikTok ‘throuple’ announce pregnancy

TikTok ‘throuple’ announce pregnancy
I started a throuple with my man and it ended in disaster …
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A 'throuple' has announced they are expecting a new addition, after one of the women announced a pregnancy.

Jess and Stephen DeMarco have been married for 14 years and describe themselves as polyamorous. A polyamorous relationship is a form of non-monogamy involving romantic relationships between two or more people.

The pair from Florida, have detailed their unconventional relationship on TikTok – and have viewers hooked.

In one viral clip that's racked up over 20 million views, Jess explained: "This is my husband of 14 years and this is our girlfriend".

"I date him, he dates her, I date her," she said, before adding: "We're all excited to SPOIL this baby TOGETHER."

Thousands of fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip with messages of support, with one saying: "A baby can never have too much love."

Another added: "Congratulations, you’re all absolutely gorgeous together," while another said: "If everyone’s happy - who is anyone to cast negativity on happiness

Meanwhile, a third candidly penned: "No my jealousy could never."

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Speaking to the US Sun, Jess said: "People think our relationship isn’t going to work because we’re having a baby now,"

"We definitely get a lot of messages like, ‘are you guys going to stop this crazy behaviour, now that you’ve got a kid on the way?’"

Jess then suggested her videos have helped people around the world open up to the idea of polyamory.

"I think that we’re starting to teach people and men and women alike that it’s not a sex thing," Jess said, before husband Steve added they were "fine" with backlash if it helps others.

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