Supermarket worker reveals which products are often out of stock due to TikTok trends

<p>Johnson said that feta cheese is among the food items that is always out of stock</p>

Johnson said that feta cheese is among the food items that is always out of stock

@ognatsplat101/ TikTok

A supermarket worker has revealed that viral food trend videos on TikTok are causing her supermarket to constantly run out of stock.

Natalie Johnson who works at US chain Trader Joe’s posted a video highlighting the products that go off the shelf at record speed due to eager TikTok viewers wishing to create meals they’ve seen on the app.

Feta cheese, almond butter almonds and mozzarella were three of the items revealed to be popular with customers. She also said that brazil nut body butter was popular.

Reacting to her video, people agreed that these products were hard to come by. One wrote:

“As a fellow crew member, this is true.”

Another joked: “Sorry about the lotion that was my bad.”

Johnson later did a sequel to her original video, highlighting a list of other products constantly out of stock. Those included the stores’ steamed chicken soup dumplings, cold brew coffee and boba dessert, chili onion crunch sauce, and garlic cheese bread.

These products disappear due to people making viral feta and tomato pasta, iced coffee drinks and snacking on almonds.

If you want to see the video for yourself, you can do so here.

We just wonder if Trader Joe’s will give TikTok a cut of their profits?

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