Husband goes viral for most surreal reason after his wife damages their car
TikTok screengrab

A video of a woman nervously preparing to tell her husband that she damaged their car has gone viral for the strangest reason.

In the TikTok clip, the woman explains that she recently backed the car into a pole and is about to tell her husband, adding that she is worried that he will be angry with her about the damage.

But when he does finally arrive, viewers are presented with a surreal twist … it’s not that her husband is particularly angry about the accident or even anything he says to her...

The twist is that he drives up to her house … on a jet-ski…

You can see the clip for yourself below:

Naturally, the video sparked more questions than answers – mainly, how and why does the husband ride a jet-ski on land?

For the first question at least, @deestemplexoxo provided some answers in a follow-up video which you can find below:

It turns out that the man in question, Nick Stemple, is already somewhat well-known in his local area after appearing on local news to talk about his invention in 2019.

Stemple told California’s KMPH-TV that the so-called “Scootski” was basically a Honda Elite motorcycle with the body of a Sea-Doo jet-ski attached onto it.

Although it unfortunately won’t float on water, it is surprisingly legal to drive and can reach a top speed of about 70mph.

He told the news channel that he was inspired to make the vehicle after a friend made something similar.

“He built his and I was just like ‘that’s frickin’ sweet’ and I had to have one,” he said.

“I love this thing, I’ve gotten rid of my old motorcycles and I ride this every single day.”

He added: “The one thing I love about it is honestly how people are with you. You get people probably having the worst day ever and then they see a jet-ski going down the road and they just have the biggest smile.”

You can find the full TV appearance below:

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