TikToker says asking this question in an interview will get you any job

TikToker says asking this question in an interview will get you any job
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A woman on TikTok claimed that asking a particular question in an interview will help you land the job.

Jennifer Reardon, a communications director and consultant who goes by @notjenneeree on the platform divulged the advice to her followers, noting that she's always "gotten the job."

Reardon explained that people should do their interview “normal,” but before the discussion is complete, she suggests asking them something like, “Are there any concerns that you have about me that we can address before we end?”

“You guys, they will have concerns, and then that’s your time to address them,” Reardon said before adding that the interviewers won’t have any more concerns once you address them.

Reardon concluded: “You will literally get the interview saying you got the job.”

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The video was viewed over 2.3 million times at the time of writing and is filled with comments from people finding the tip resourceful.

Some even shared that they’ve done similar things in interviews.

One person wrote: “I always ask ‘what qualities does your best employee have that you’d like to see emulated?’ and they always eat it up.”

“I did this applying to PA school- it worked! I got in!”

Others shared that they tried asking this question during an interview, but it backfired.

“Every time I’ve asked this, they are STUNNED, and not in a good way,” a third wrote.

“I’ve done this twice. Once it ended horribly, and it was embarrassing, and the other I got the job,” a fourth added.

Another person who interviews people said the question makes her feel “negatively” about a candidate.

“I get so turned off by this question. Forces me to think negatively about you before I’ve had a chance to gather my thoughts about our conversation.”

Elsewhere, someone else believes that the question is a mere “ TikTok trend” and points out a candidate’s “inexperience,” prompting Reardon to explain that she got the tip from a manager and has been using that tip “for years.”

It’s safe to say that if you decide to use the tip, be prepared for a positive or negative outcome.

Indy100 reached out to Reardon for comment by email.

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