TikTok user films how he snuck into Wembley Stadium to watch England v Italy in Euro 2020 final

<p>Social media personality J2hundred in the stands at Wembley during England v Italy after sneaking in</p>

Social media personality J2hundred in the stands at Wembley during England v Italy after sneaking in


A TikTok user has revealed how he was able to sneak past into Wembley Stadium to watch England lose to Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

The teenager, otherwise known as J2hundred, uploaded the entire experience to YouTube and parts of his 13-minute vlog to his 1.3 followers on TikTok.

At the beginning, he told viewers after the fact that he went to London to take in the electric atmosphere as England reached their first tournament final in 55 years.

The 19-year-old added: “Little did I know that I was going to sneak into Wembley.”

After arriving into London St Pancras station, J2hundred revealed his plan to try and witness the footballing action first-hand.

When exploring Central London, he filmed some of the chaotic scenes at Trafalgar Square with crowds of fans gathered and litter scattered everywhere.

Eventually, he made it to Wembley Stadium where he attempted to charm his way into the game, asking a steward: “How much to let me in?”

But the steward wasn’t having any of it, and replied: “I like my job.”

J2hundred didn’t have any luck with the stewardYouTube/J2hundred

Since he wasn’t going to be able to bribe his way into the stands, J2hundred decided to take matters into his own hands.

He tells viewers: “We’re going to break in,” while his friend adds that the pair have to find a “perfect exit.”

They approach some fencing covered in the Euro 2020 logo and peek over to check if there is any security nearby.

In the footage, J2hundred manages to create a gap in the fence to get through to the outer area of the stadium without alarming stewards.

After witnessing the amount of security inside, the social media personality had “lost all hope.”

Though as luck would have it, they came across an emergency exit door which fellow ticketless fans were able to pry open.

The YouTuber joined other fans (pictured) in trying to get in via an emergency exit doorYouTube/J2hundred

J2hundred narrated: “It was a sign from God, we were meant to be in that stadium, there was just a gap in the door.”

He and several other people then sprinted up several flights of stairs before reaching signs that said they were at rows 15 to 44 in the stadium.

They made it in.

Footage then shows J2hundred in the stands as he pans to the football pitch where the England v Italy match is in extra time and arrives just in time for the crucial penalty shoot-out.

“We’ve done a madness, we have done an absolute madness,” he shouts.

J2hundred sits in the stands at Wembley Stadium after he snuck inYouTube/J2hundred

The YouTuber shared his disappointment at the result after the extreme lengths he went to get into the game but was impressed that he “snuck into £800 seats.”

Both UEFA and the FA opened investigations into the events that occurred during the final.

UEFA have brought disciplinary proceedings against the FA , with four charges - invasion of the field of play by England supporters, throwing objects by supporters, disturbances caused by supporters during the national anthem and the lighting of a firework by it’s supporters.

After multiple people made similar attempts as J2hundred, an FA spokesperson said they will carry out a “full review and investigation into the events that took place at Wembley Stadium before and during the UEFA EURO 2020 Final.”

The Metropolitan Police have so far made 86 arrests in connection with the England v Italy final.

Indy100 has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment about this particular video.

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