TikToker exposes cheating boyfriend after overhearing phone conversation

TikToker exposes cheating boyfriend after overhearing phone conversation

At times, the power of TikTok can be truly remarkable. In this case, one woman used the platform to her advantage by taking her 275K followers in a quest to track down a woman whose boyfriend had cheated on her.

In the viral clip that has racked a staggering 4.5 million views, the TikToker (@itsnisrin) urged the unsuspecting woman to direct message her. It showed Nis on the train, along with a hand animation pointing to where the alleged cheater was seated.

She explained that she had overheard a conversation between Destiny’s boyfriend and his friends on the train journey.

“If your name is Destiny and your boyfriend is called Ethan,” she wrote, “I just overheard him speaking on the phone with his friends and he cheated on you at Leeds Fest.”


DM me girl 😫

Thousands of fellow TikTok users flocked to the video. One expressed their admiration for Nis’ girl code: “Yes, this is the energy we need, girls backing up girls. I hope Destiny sees it.”

“Destiny, please. Ethan isn’t your destiny”, another joked.

Many more were desperate for the woman to come forward, “Can the real Destiny please stand up”, one read – and in a surprising turn of events, she did.

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In a follow-up video, Nis shared a screenshot of the conversation between her and Destinee, which read:

“Hey girl, I think I’m the Destinee you done a TikTok about. So sorry, but all my girlfriends keep tagging me in your TikTok?

“My boyfriend is called Ethan and he went Leeds Fest and has the exact same watch you posted.

“Is this the Ethan you were talking about? Please let me know!”


Reply to @ycmele

Nis appeared to have received an image of the man in question (who she hid for privacy reasons) but did confirm: “We have actually found Destinee” and “I can confirm that was the guy on the train.”

“I’m going to ask her for her permission to share the chat before I message her.”

“I’ve spoken to her on the phone and her boyfriend has reached out to me”, she added before promising a follow up shortly.

To be continued...

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