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Tinder is a bit of a minefield. Sometimes you'll match with someone and will click instantly and have a great time.

Yet, most of the time, you'll find yourself matched with a person that just isn't doing it for you. Either you ignore them or you just let them know that this isn't for you and hopefully they'll take the news in a mature way.

Another way of letting someone down lightly is to completely fool them into believing the stupidest thing.

A woman named Hannah met a man on Tinder called Patrick but soon decided that she wasn't interested in a relationship.

The right opportunity to tell him this presented itself when he gave her his phone number.

What happened from there might be one of the most illogical things and hilarious things we've ever seen as Hannah managed to convince Patrick that they both had the exact same phone number.

After Hannah shared it on Twitter, the conversation went viral and people couldn't quite believe the equal idiocy of Patrick or the genius of Hannah.

Others, mostly men, failed to see what was so funny as they felt that Hannah had done nothing but waste his time.

Fortunately for Patrick, Hannah took pity on him and decided to text Patrick to let him know that he had been played.

Sadly we've got no confirmation of what happened after that but they really should hang Hannah's tweet in the Louvre as an example of how dense men can be.

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