Women who were duped by Tinder Swindler mocked in new TikTok trend

Women who were duped by Tinder Swindler mocked in new TikTok trend
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If you've been keeping up with Netflix or social media, you're most likely familiar with the story of Simon Leviev, the Tinder swindler who conned women out of their money and life savings is looking to expand his Hollywood career.

But now, with the increased notoriety, Leviev's victims have unfortunately become the subject of dark videos on TikTok.

Several videos were uploaded mocking the women including Cecilie Fjellhoy who was swindled out of $250,000 within weeks by Leviev, since the Netflix documentary aired on February 2.

The TikTok videos that were merciless to the women labeled the victims “gullible” while some acted superior and said: “This would never happen to me”.

There are even other videos of women who claimed to also have dated Leviev said their biggest flex was not giving him a dime of their money.

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In a more sinister twist, the women have become victims once more due to patriarchal society telling them that they are responsible for holding the men accountable, according to a clinical psychologist.

“Rather than men having been held accountable for perpetrating violence and other forms of abuse, our society has historically sent women the message that it is their responsibility to protect themselves from being the victim of abuse,” said Dr. Rachel Samson in conversation with

“This harmful attitude leads people to conclude that if a woman is the victim of abuse, she must have done something to contribute to the abuse occurring. This victim-blaming is part of what has been termed ‘r*** culture’.”

Leviev was found guilty of forgery, theft and fraud in his home country of Israel and received 15 months in prison in December 2019. He only served five months before he was released .

His victims, however, continue to struggle following his crimes, with Fjellhoy even mentioning that she was suicidal after a massive credit card debt.

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