Wordle fans accuse the New York Times of making viral game 'too ...
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Warning: Spoiler ahead.

Who would've thought a viral puzzle game would produce such interesting, and potentially life-saving, stories.

But now, attention has turned to the splintering of Wordle since the New York Times bought it out.

Tuesday's answer 241 wasn't showing the same word for everyone and people were baffled. One person turned to Twitter and joked that they were "suing" the publication "for what they've just been put through."

Another hilariously added: "Good morning to everyone except all of the staff at the New York Times, their families, friends, pets and acquaintances."

If you're new to the game, the premise is simple.

You have six chances to try and guess the five-letter word (there is a new one each day). And it's worth noting, there's usually one of them.

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A green square indicates that you have discovered a correct letter in the right location. A yellow square means you have guessed a correct letter, but it's not in the right location. A grey square means that the letter isn't in the word at all.

If you fancy having a go before we reveal the answer, click here.

Today's Wordle is 'AROMA', which describes a distinctive, typically pleasant smell. Some players however, claim that they guessed 'AGORA' and Wordle marked it correct.

Didn't guess today's word? Then don't worry. There is always tomorrow.

Indy100 reached out to NYT for comment.

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