Snake finds its way into Rylan's house

Let this be a warning to all snakes: don't mess with a two-year-old who has newly formed teeth.

A toddler in Bingol, Turkey was playing in her family's garden when a snake slithered up and bit her. In return, the toddler bit the snake back and killed it.

Only identified by her initials, SE, the two-year-old girl was apparently playing with the snake when it bit her on her lip back in August.

Neighbours said they found the young child with a 20-inch (50 cm) dead snake in her hands.

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Horrified, the neighbours quickly applied first aid to the two-year-old's snake bite before bringing her to Bingol Maternity and Children's Hospital. She went kept under observation for the night and is reportedly doing well.

"Allah has protected her, really," Mehmet Ercan, the girl's father said.

"Our neighbours have told me that the snake was in the hand of my child, she was playing with it and then it bit her."

Two year old girl kills snake by biting itNewsflash, Getty Images

Unfortunately, the snake did not make it out of the encounter alive.

Snake bites are common and while most are not deadly it is important to seek medical treatment afterwards to ensure there is no infection, especially in young children.

In Turkey, there are around 45 snake species, 10 of which are poisonous.

It is unclear which kind of snake the girl killed with her bare teeth but likely it was not a poisonous kind.

Regardless, the horrifying story is a good reminder to keep a watchful eye on children and snakes.

Recently, a man built a snake robotic arms and legs to allow it to 'walk'.

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