Mum reveals man harassed her for flying first class with her toddler

Mum reveals man harassed her for flying first class with her toddler

Mum reveals man harassed her for flying first class with her toddler

A mum revealed that she was harassed for booking her toddler a first class seat for a flight.

Sharing her story of Reddit, the mum-of-one detailed the story of a difficult passenger who at one point claimed that toddlers “weren’t allowed in first class”.

She explained that herself, her toddler, and her husband were travelling across the United States for Thanksgiving at the time.

After her husband received a pay rise they decided to treat themselves and “splurge” on first-class seats for the family. They weren’t too worried about their daughter either, as the woman shared that her family fly frequently, so she was used to it now.

“My toddler has always been a good flyer and has flown a lot throughout her short life. She’s never been disruptive or cried on an airplane, this flight included,” the woman shared.

The woman added, “she’s good at staying in her seat and tells us when she needs to go potty, food, a toy, etc”.

However, the unexpected tantrum this time didn’t come from her toddler, but rather another first class adult passenger.

“We boarded early since my husband is disabled,” the woman wrote, “and when another first class passenger saw us he started glaring".

The flight starts off well with her toddling falling asleep “in the middle of colouring” and her husband “snoozing”.

Whilst the mother was listening to music she said she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“It was the guy that glared at us as he boarded,” she revealed. “Before I could even get a word out he told me that children weren’t allowed in first class and that we needed to move to our ‘real’ seats.”

Despite flight attendants onboard confirming that the family was allowed to be there, and asking the man to no longer speak to the woman, he continued to harass her.

Whilst the man did eventually go back to his seat, the woman shared that as they disembarked the plane, he “whispered to me that I was a ‘fat c**t’ and that he pays too much money for first class to be surrounded by children”.

The woman expected her family to defend her, but she shared with Reddit that “many of them told me that we should book economy next time because people pay extra to relax in 1st class.”

So she took to Reddit to ask: “Are we really a******s for flying first class with our toddler?”

As you would expect, readers jumped to the woman’s defence.

“Even if your child did cry, it wouldn’t have mattered because you paid and are entitled to the seats you paid for,” wrote one user.

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