Toronto erects bus map that looks like a penis, promptly removes it

Toronto erects bus map that looks like a penis, promptly removes it

(Picture: Imgur/Spud 79)

Toronto's transit department has taken down a map that bore a phallic-shaped illustration of one of the city's bus stations.

The map of the Downsview bus station was mocked online for its resemblance to a penis, according to the Toronto Sun. The Toronto Blog pointed out that the map depicted the platform as long and thin and for "some uncomfortable reason" its tip was shaded a different colour.

Here's what the bus station looks like according to Google Maps:

According to CBC, the transport authority first became aware of the map on Monday evening after it was tagged in this tweet:

Transport workers removed the map on Tuesday after it was posted on Reddit. A spokesperson for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) told the Toronto Sun that the person who, ahem, erected the sign back in December had not sought proper approval.

It led some to believe it looked like a very phallic-looking symbol and we don't want any of our maps to be misconstrued, so we're in the midst of replacing it.

  • TTC spokesman Brad Ross

The transport department told the paper that no public complaints had been made and one commuter even reflected that it looked more like a mushroom than male genitalia.

What a time to be alive.

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