Treasure map sparks massive search for $12m of Nazi gold

Treasure map sparks massive search for $12m of Nazi gold
Treasure hunters unearth £200 million Nazi gold haul found at SS brothel …

Treasure hunters have descended upon a Dutch village in search of buried fortune after a map was released showing the alleged location.

In January, the Dutch National Archive released documents from World War II which included information about supposed hidden Nazi treasure in the village of Ommeren in the Netherlands.

According to the documents, the Nazis buried four ammunition boxes of jewellery, gold coins, and stones believe to be worth nearly $12 million.

The Nazis reportedly took the valuables after the bombing of a bank and buried them.

Besides the list, the declassified documents included a map where a red “X” marked the buried treasure’s supposed location in the village.

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With news that potential buried treasure lies within the village, people in search of riches decided to go to Ommeren to seek it out, however, townspeople are growing frustrated.

In an article for BBC, some townspeople shared their frustrations with tourists coming to their ‘tranquil’ area and digging for the supposed treasure.

One woman, Petra van Dee told BBC people were coming onto her property to look for it using shovels and metal detectors.

"I cannot sleep. One of the holes they dug in my garden came up to here," she told BBC while gesturing to her chest.

"Stay away from other people's property, you have nothing to look for here," van Dee added.

The map of the buried treasure, released by the Dutch National Archive. nationaalarchief

The former mayor of Ommeren said that "all kinds of people" have come to search for the treasure although nothing has been found.

According to the documents, there have been a least three attempts to find the treasure after the war following the testimony of a German soldier who claimed to be involved in hiding it.

However, the treasure may have already been found before the formal treasure hunts went underway. There is no telling if it is still underground.

Even if it were to be found, likely the person who discovers it will not be allowed to keep all the riches as the local authority owns the land it is buried on.

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